COVID-19 Announcement from Limousine Express Group

How does Limousine Express keep chauffeurs and passengers being safe?

Vehicles are disinfected by alcohol thoroughly before every service. In terms of chauffeurs, they must wear a surgical mask and provide hand sanitizer for passengers during the service. Moreover, any chauffeurs who are showing symptoms, tested positive for COVID-19 and travel to high risk countries will be prevented from the service.


We also kindly ask passengers who have visited high risk countries of COVID-19, such as China, Korea, and Italy, and show any symptoms to not book a ride with Limousine Express until passengers receive a permission from a doctor.



Can chauffeurs still assist passengers with luggage?


Yes, chauffeurs will continue to assist with luggage and other belongings. In case that passengers prefer to handle luggage personally, please inform the chauffeur.


What will happen if passengers are delayed due to long immigration queues at the airport?


Limousine Express includes 90 minutes of complimentary waiting for arrival flight, which will start to count from the actual arrival time of the flight. During the current situation, we understand that passengers may need more time to exit due to arrival procedures. Hence, we ask chauffeur to extend the waiting time to 2 hours.



How do Limousine Express receive the payment?


Due to the study from World Health Organization (WHO), the virus can survive on paper money for days. We provide 3 contactless payment methods, namely link payment, bank transfer and pay through website.