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Limousine Express Group has been successful even during the economic crisis in 1997 or so called “Tom Yum Kung Crisis”. Not only has Limousine Express Group been well established strategically but it also benefited from the Baht devaluation. During the mentioned crisis, many limousine service providers were forced to lay off their employees, and many went
bankrupt. Limousine Express Group, on the other hand,
maintained its stability.

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Limousine Express Group

Leaning on this reputation, Limousine Express Group enjoys the manpower’s confidence and has the opportunity to select and choose the right personnel to fuel and support its steady growth. Our employees have proved to be the best asset and our main Contributor to our fame and popularity.

Limousine Express Group has been highly recommended by its supplier, Daimler-Chrysler Thailand. It has the honour to provide all limousine arrangements for many five-star and four-star hotels all over Thailand. Among the many accomplishments, Limousine Express Group is proud to be quoted by the Shangri-La Hotel as “the right partner, particularly so for the demanding APEC CEO Summit 2003”. Despite the ever-changing dispatch patterns and last minute changes, services have been dealt with efficiently and professionally. An unusually high volume of airport transfer of more than 150 trips per day during the APEC period has also been handled smoothly. As a consequence of the APEC project success, Limousine Express Group has been chosen by a great number of organizers to be their official and exclusive limousine and other types of transportation services provider.